Our Fixed Price Menus

Menu Bistro (see blackboard)

Served lunchtimes Tuesday to Friday (except bank holidays)
16€: Starter/Main Course or Main Course/Dessert / 20€: Starter/Main Course/Dessert

Menu Locomotive 3 Temps

33,00€: Starter, Main Course, Cheese or Dessert select from dishes marked

Menu de la Gare 39,00€

(Select from 'La Carte')

Starter + Main Course + Small slate of cheese + Dessert

Menu Carnivore for 2 people

50€ per person

Starter + Piece of Beef or Shoulder of lamb slow-cooked with preserved lemon (served with chips or vegetables) + Cheese or Dessert

 'La Carte'

While you are waiting...

Platter of cured cold meats ... 15,00€
Slate of smoked “Nardin” anchovies ... 15,00€
Smoked cod's liver and toasts ... 12,00€


My upside-down tomato tart with Combebelle goats cheese and Iberian air-dried ham ... 14,00€
Foie gras paté with sweet white wine served with mini toasts and locally made jam ...16,00 €
Chilled soup with courgettes 'chez Christophe' with pine-nuts, smoked duck and croutons ... 14,00€

Main Courses

Fish of the day (subject to catch of the day - see blackboard) ... 22,00€
Quail fillets with olive mash and reduced wine sauce ... 21,00€
Mac Augustin: the Chef's Burger - 150g of hand copped beef, pesto, mozzarella and goats cheese ... 18,00€
Slow-cooked (12h) shoulder of lamb with lemon, garlic, thyme and seasonal vegetables ... 23,00€

Carnivores Corner!

Piece of beef matured for 30 days (approx 1kg (serves 2)) ... 32€/Pers
Shoulder of lamb with preserved lemon to share - approx 1kg (serves 2) ... 26,00€/person

CHEESES from the uplands and elsewhere

Slate of matured cheese with extra fruity quince paste ... 9,60€


Crispy chocolate praline art with Valrhona hazelnuts and ice-cream ... 9,60€
Traditional iced-nougat by « Antolin » with red berry sauce ... 8,00€
Baba spiked with Eau-de-Vie from Languedoc with apricot sorbet... 9,60€
Chef's upside-down lime and basic crumble with meringue and sorbet ... 9,60€
3 scoops of 'Antolin' ice-cream from Béziers with Chantilly cream ... 6,90€

Children's Menu 12,50€

One cordial (strawberry, lemon, mint or pomegranate)
Hand-chopped steak, chips and salad
Strips of chicken with chips and salad
1 scoop of ice-cream (vanilla or strawberry or chocolate) chantilly cream

* Specialities of the Restaurant

If you have allergies, please let us know before placing your order to avoid any problems later on.

In light of recent events, and for logistical reasons, it is even more important to us to work with locally sourced fresh produce, which is why we have chosen to reduce the number of menu options.
We apologise in advance if certain dishes are no longer available.

To preserve the quality of the produce, all cooked dishes are prepared on the premises to order so a short wait is to be expected

Gift Vouchers

Menu Locomotive for 2 people
96€ includes Aperitif and a glass of wine with each course + coffee or 66€ without drinks

Menu de la Gare for 2 people
108€ includes Aperitif and a glass of wine with each course + coffee or 78€ without drinks

If booking with a gift voucher, please mention it at the time of reservation.

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